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Blame it on the 80s and maybe the 70s a little too.

It started with growing up in the 70s and 80s.  Disco led into danceable New Wave music and all the while, young TMJ found himself bobbing his head, tapping his foot, and often breaking out in dance.  The music prompted movement and to this end music became a part of life's constant motion.  Eventually the need arose to share his enjoyment and passions about music with others.

To get further in touch with the music many paths were taken.  Starting in primary schooling age there was piano instruction.  Secondary school-age saw the addition of woodwinds primarily focused on the saxophone.  Around this same time began the jump into computer music design via the bleeps and blips of BASIC programming.

High School years saw many chapters of additional growth.  Starting with early music production using digital samples to arrange MOD (Amiga Module) music pieces.  This would also be the the platform that would ignite the fire for remixing existing songs.  In the analog world during this same time wide-range percussive instruments were also added to the repertoire of instruments.  Most every drum and accessory used across symphonic, marching, and jazz bands were added to the skill set.  Not satisfied at stopping with drums, on the musical side of percussion most all instruments like xylophone, marimba, tubular bells, etc. were also delved into.

Firm foundation in music allowed continued growth, passion, and appreciation for music and the rest, to use the cliché, is history.



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